thwimp is back!

This time it is the very epic and extremely awesome “Still More Fighting” — the boss battle — from Final Fantasy VII. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

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It’s Dangerous To Go Alone! Take This.

Last week was the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda. That was a long time ago. A classic for the ages. It’s only fitting that Nintendo releases this awesome looking game the same year.  (via Destructoid)

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Two shows to announce!

Great news — THWOMP has two shows to announce!

First, the supremely wicked Otafest will be having us back for Otafest 2011! And even better, the show will be held in the MacHall Ballroom! Also playing is the JRock band The Fool, which should be super wicked. The dates are May 20-22.

Second, THWOMP once again crashes the Canmore Hotel on Saturday, March 5th. Bring some friends and get silly for three sets of glorious video game rock, then hang out after and crash at the fabulous and famous CanHo.

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Wicked awesome.

This is one of the coolest things I’ve seen in a long time.

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Fill Your Potion Jar With This

Who doesn’t like the 80’s? It gave us hair metal, neon spandex and Ewoks. Alright those aren’t great but we also got the Nintendo and John Hughes movies. This video is a retro mash-up of those two wonderful things.

(Via the always delightful Hung Hua via /Film)

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Time jokes

I figure that, given the subject matter of today’s free music download, that it is a day late is not a big deal. If you know what I mean.

Grab a firm hold on this week’s offering, which is Presentiment and A Shot of Crisis from the SNES legend Chrono Trigger.

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THWIMP is here.

A while back, THWOMP embarked on an experimental journey of self discovery and experimentation. There comes a time in a band’s life when you start to question things like, is it just the fact that we play through awesome amps with awesome distortion that makes us awesome? Is it just the fact that The Party kicks the eff out of his drumkit that we kick the eff out of the audience? It’s only natural to question these things. But here’s the thing that separates THWOMP from everybody else. We went a step further.

What if we didn’t plug anything in (except keyboards) (and microphones)? What if we only had a snare drum and a suitcase for a bass drum (and a tambourine)?

And lo, the heavens did openth up, and providedeth us with acoustic guitars. And only a kitchen in which to realize this holy vision. Here are the results, which we appropriately dubbed “thwimp”. This is the theme from Double Dragon II, which also appears (un-un-plugged) on our upcoming full-length LP.

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Video Game Valentines

Check out this sweet card for your gamer girl/guy.

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It’s Final Fantasy Friday!

It’s the end of the work week and you know what that means: another free THWOMP music download! This week it’s the Veldt theme from Final Fantasy VI. The completionist’s total nightmare.

Go to the audio page to download this bad boy, recorded live off the floor at our rehearsal space in 2010.

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No wonder Cloud kicked Sephiroth’s ass

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