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Every Friday, check for the latest free THWOMP download. It will feature live performances, unreleased takes, and other rarities that you can’t find anywhere else.

Week of Feb 11 – Feb 17: Hop into your flying time travelling world-saving machine and save the world with some music from Chrono Trigger from the SNES. These two tunes, Presentiment and A Shot of Crisis, begin our epic 30 minute Chrono Trigger set. Recorded live @ CJSW studios on January 28th, 2009.

Week of Feb 4 – Feb 10: Heard perhaps longer and more continuously than any other video game theme ever — get ahold of THWOMP playing The Veldt theme from Final Fantasy VI and complete your rage list. This was recorded off the floor at our rehearsal space in 2010.

Week of Jan 28 – Feb 4: Ditch your weaksauce weapons and get equipped with THWOMP performing the Bubble Man and Wood Man themes from Megaman II for the NES. Recorded live at CJSW studios for their Funding Drive in 2008.

Week of Jan 21-27: This week’s download is from the original Star Fox for SNES — The Battle at Corneria! This was recorded live at CJSW (University of Calgary Radio) on January 28th, 2009.

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More of our music is available on our (no-longer maintained) Myspace page.

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