THWOMP @ Broken City April 29!

Hello THWOMP fans, gamers, nerds, aficionados, and mom.

The legendary Broken City in their vast, ageless wisdom is having us back already to rock the stage next Friday! Come hither with your flanel shirts, tight jeans, it-looks-like-I-don’t-care-but-I-do hair, and your devil may care attitude and freakin’ ROCK OUT!

We are playing with the Outlaws of Ravenhurst, which is certainly a name to be reckoned with! In the spirit of the upcoming election, we will once again poll the audience to determine which epic, face-melting video game soundtracks they would like us to play, and then elect Stephen Harper anyway. Er, wait, I think I mixed my metaphors. Anyway, if you’re there early enough you may be able to throw your two cents in and perhaps we will listen.*

* Hint: throwing in a quantity greater than two cents will increase your odds of having your opinion matter. This is democracy, after all. This ain’t no Libya.**

** What? Too soon?


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