Wait … I think … yes! Yes, we’re almost there!

Oh man.

So there was a time in my life when making web pages was kind of a hobby. This was the time when every website out there had that sweet rotating skull gif and the animated fire separating the sections of the page. Since, you know, there was only one page, since managing more than one on GeoCities was too much grief to bear. There was some kind of tiled background and probably a horrible midi version of something playing with no way to shut the damn thing off.

Oh and there were frames. Lots, and lots of frames.

In other words, that was a long time ago.

Now there’s all these css stylesheets and functions and languages and lions and tigers and bears. I owe a major debt of gratitude to Fredrik the Viking Conqueror for the back-end behind the site. He did it for free! (He married my sister, so as far as I’m concerned he still owes me.) But making this here blog look the same was an ordeal and a half.

But, hey, it’s pretty much there, right? Not bad, Mr. Plexico. Not bad at all.

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